Shooting in the rain: tips for monsoon photography

Pic: Sivaram. V

Photography is a growing craze these days. With photo sharing becoming a big trend in social networking sites like Facebook and Flickr, many people have taken to photography as a serious hobby. Mounting ‘likes’ and inspiring comments on photographs on Facebook are reason enough to push more people into taking up this art. Monsoons are a favourite season for many professional photographers as the colours, ambience and feel that this weather creates is out of the ordinary. The rains also inspire budding photographers to experiment with the camera. However, getting the perfect monsoon picture is an art in itself. Here are a few tips and tricks to polish your rainy-day frames.

· The dark grey pre-rain clouds are a treat to the eye. So while shooting just before the rains set in, try to cover 75% of the frame with clouds and fill your frames with shapes.
· To enable a better shooting experience in the monsoon, you should always wear clothes that make you comfortable.
· Carry essentials like cotton handkerchiefs or plastic covers to protect your camera and gear and make sure that you keep your gadgets dry. Avoid carrying more-than-required equipment along when you travel around to shoot in the rains.
· Monsoon is the best time to capture a rainbow. Try to get an uncluttered background; this helps emphasise the colours of the rainbow.
· If you happen to be at the seaside, shoot the waves, fishing nets and fishermen in action. Avoid using flash while shooting in the rains.
· Capturing reflections becomes easier after a downpour.
· Everything looks fresh once the rain stops. So capture landscapes and explore the nature to unlock a variety of eye-catching visuals.
· Rain by itself can make a great subject. Experiment with different shutter speeds and capture the downpour.
People often want to capture pictures that tell stories. But telling a story through your photographs isn’t an easy process. The reason that drives you to capture a particular moment is the story that you intend to convey. Your entire emphasis should be on that part to effectively capture what you truly anticipate.

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