Lit candle,cupcake for first birthday celebration

Whoa… it’s nearly a year!

Nearly there, nearly there, I think to myself as I sit before the laptop; and that applies both to the increased frequency of blogging I am charting out for our official account as well as the upcoming FIRST birthday of our start-up. See, I am already beaming as I write this!

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Thinking of all the ways in which we are to mark the anniversary, which is, of course, a major milestone for us in more ways than one. DropCap Media has evolved in so many ways, from our fledgling–sometimes sure, sometimes quavering but never faltering–steps we took in April 2010. Wow! So much seems to have changed in a year, from the time I sat in my living room on a Sunday afternoon mulling on names that ranged from exciting-but-irrelevant to plain uninspired. A few months after the launch, DropCap went from being a proprietorship to a partnership with Sreedevi, and there’s been no looking back since.

We have gone from strength to strength, learning from our mistakes and mis-steps, doing things we have never done before (like marketing, presentations, accounting, and so much more) and getting better at the stuff we were good at. We are happy to have our clients keep coming back to us, and all those who have stood by us even when we were starting out need special mention here.

As a lot of our work is focused on an industry that is changing by the day–social media–we have had to be on our toes to keep ourselves updated and to keep innovating. Glad to say that after months of app-related heartbreak, we have been able to tie up with excellent third-party vendors for technical support.  So watch out for some exciting features on our clients’ FB, YouTube and other social media spaces!

I know it’s gonna sound Oscar-ish, or even worse Miss World-ish, but I just have to thank all the people who have given us unstinting support from the word ‘go’. Our families, of course, will find a mention when we do our respective personal blogs; the curious can find my personal world here and Sree’s here. This is for the rest of the gang out there, including our two team-mates Vidya and Anuroop (for laughing with us, hearing our rants, for doing everything that needs doing, and of course, for being there), our team of fabulous writers (hats off to each one of you for pitching in with your best every time, on time), our design partners (especially Anoop, who takes time off for from his lovely caricature works for us), my mentor Jacob who torments us with mock threats of acquisition and of course, Sree reminds me, a special mention for all the coffee shops in and around Panampilly Nagar–our preferred venues for client meets, discussions (of the intellectual kind and otherwise too), and some much-needed venting. 

Phew! That was some list, and I can still add to it, but I am not going to! Leaving you with some good news: DropCap Media is moving to a bigger, better space in April; in fact, we will be celebrating our anniversary there (putting all my faith in the carpenters working there as I write this).

Do you have any ideas as to how we should mark our first birthday? Do leave a comment here, or mail us at

3 thoughts on “Whoa… it’s nearly a year!

  1. Excuse me if I get a little too carried away here… but DropCap has been the best thing that’s happened to me (after my mischief-maker munchkin son, of course). It’s changed my life in more ways than one, and am I glad or what!!! A huge hug to my dear friend and partner. Sumi..we rock!!! Huge hug and congrats also to our colleagues–Vidya and Anuroop-for being there, contributing, whining, cribbing, laughing, sharing jokes, music, food…and for making office a happier place.
    A year has gone by (almost) and we’re excited, making bigger plans. Good luck to us and a huge Thank You to all who’ve been part of our journey.

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