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Spread the word: how to help the world find your business on social media

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Don’t we love Facebooking and Tweeting and all the other random things we do on social media! Brands love it too! And we love it when companies provide great social content that we can relate to, learn from, simply have fun with or even use to win a prize or two!

For the average user, social media is more about fun, catching up and games; for companies, however, a lot of thought, effort and strategy is put into making sure their presence on social networking sites is ‘just right’ and that the look and feel of their content lends to brand-building. Which is probably why the average user is not too focused on his/her ‘friends’ count while brands almost define their social media presence by the number of fans/likes/followers they have!

Stop and think, though, before pouring tons of money into apps that promise to deliver fans and followers aplenty. Do you really need those numbers that mean absolutely nothing to your bottomline or customer engagement or any of your other corporate goals? Do you even need fans you can literally buy, fans who have absolutely no connect with your brand? Why is it so important that a Facebook Page of say, a boutique, simply must have 10,000+ followers, if they are followers who are highly unlikely to set a foot in the store, forget buying something out there? Unless your social media strategy starts and ends with showing off, there’s no point in simply amassing a lot of followers who have absolutely no clue about your brand or are not interested in getting to know the brand at all.

No, this is not an argument defending the slow-paced growth of fan count on social media sites; on the contrary, do grow your “authentic” fans and followers, which in turn helps you connect easily to your clients, grow your business and do a whole lot more. But do understand that follower count will not pick up from 100 to 10,000 in a month or so! Businesses often do not realise that like any other medium (perhaps, more than any other medium), you need to do the giving first before you can hope to receive. 

And if you are already putting great content out there, here are some tips using your ‘real world’ presence that will help you popularise your brand’s social presence:
  • Email all clients and associates welcoming them to be a part of your community on FB, YouTube, blog, etc.
  • Add FB, Blogger, YouTube logos and links to email signatures and the company website.
  • Put social media logos along with page links in all written communiques (letterheads, brochures, press releases, print newsletters) and ads.
  • You can also display the social networking logos and page URLs in posters (with a message like: ‘Come, join us!’) in prominent areas in your office, common areas in your building (lifts, for instance) and also in eye-catching spots in your business and on your products as well.
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One thought on “Spread the word: how to help the world find your business on social media

  1. Its true wn u said tht thr is no basis on th no.of likes u get for a page. but thr’s another side to it… if you get more no.of likes for a page the more you tend to reach out to the people. unless its not necessarily tht u need to reach out to only business people. but u never knw who’s out thr! jst a thot!

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