Have you watched these trending videos yet?

What engrosses most of our time on social media? Browsing our friends’ (and their friends’) pictures apart, Indians are apparently spending a whole lot of time watching online videos. A comScore report says that 55% of the Indian web-surfing populace view videos every single day! Global online video ad spending is expected to surpass $10 billion by 2015. India is in the top three video-consuming markets in the world and that video is clearly one of the biggest growth drivers of the Internet on mobile, says C V L Srinivas, CEO of media-buying agency GroupM, in an interview with Mint.

It’s heartening to note that a lot of positive video content is now available to Indian viewers. Let’s hope social change will arrive on a viral video view.

Here are the videos we are loving this week. (Yes we know, there’s an ad in the list, but you’ve gotta admit it, the treatment is great!)

  • Vikas Bahl, the director who gave us the rocking Queen, brings a new perspective to women’s safety issues with this video titled Going Home. The video features the smashing, spunky Alia Bhatt, who has been making some remarkable career choices of late. If you haven’t seen her in the AIB Genius of The Year video yet, please do check it out.

  • Then there’s the new Pepsi ad, which goes with the hashtag #GharWaliDiwali. It resonates with the viewer because surely, each of us has been too busy to ring up our parents, right? We wouldn’t want to admit it, but we believe a lot of us reached for the phone after watching this video.

  • You may have your opinions about Arnab Goswami, but there’s no denying the charm of ‘Barely Speaking with Arnub’ (note the ‘u’), which describes itself as a talk show featuring a host with a bad attitude. That Shah Rukh Khan so sportingly (and charmingly) came on the show, and laughed at himself is what makes this video a must-watch!

  • This one has been doing the rounds on Facebook and Whatsapp, but you can watch it again and really feel proud of the country, and its achievements. Makes you want to improve, to pitch in, to innovate. Get inspired!

Happy viewing!

Tell us which of these videos you liked the best! Or do you feel some other video should have made it to the list? Comment, and let us know.

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