CEO = Chief Enabling Officer, says HBR blog

post on the Harvard Business Review blog is a real attention-getter for its re-defining of the CEO’s role. CEOs and senior-level managers are all perfectly poised to be great leaders who enable and empower their team members to perform to their full potential. Sadly, many a time and in many an Indian organisation, this doesn’t happen. Often, the top brass is unaware of ground reality and they are so focused on the big picture that they forget the details that matter: like happy employees, for instance.

The CEO’s new role, I’m convinced, is to help employees see themselves as empowered leaders — as those who influence and drive change. The new CEO can’t play chieftain; he must be a team player obsessed with enabling value, someone who is willing to collaborate. Someone able to discover new grass roots leaders and nurture them,” writes Vineet Nayar, CEO of HCL Technologies, in the HBR post. Putting employees first and helping them discover their true talent and potential is immensely beneficial to the organisation in the long run. A CEO is not just the face of a company; he should be a guiding light, a helping hand, and a mentoring guru. I think this also applies to department heads and other biggies in positions of responsibility in an organisation. Leading a team should be more about uplifting others.

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You are the answer: Network right

When I first read the title Why Not Me?, I didn’t think the post on Women Grow Business would have much to offer me. But it turned out to be an extremely interesting read. Talent does not count, if the people who should be bringing you business don’t know who you are and what you do.

These tips are easy to use since most of them relate to online or social media. In the real world, it also pays to carry an attractively-designed business card (print it on special paper; it won’t cost you much more and will definitely make an impression) and sport a smile when you are introduced to someone new.

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