Twitter’s upcoming embeddable tweet feature is hot!

This surely is exciting news from the Twitter fold. Twitter’s media blog reveals that it is launching a great new feature by which you can embed tweet-quotes into blog posts. Earlier, journalists and bloggers worked around this issue by copy-pasting or taking a screenshot of the relevant tweet. Like this, for instance.


RT @krupali: The most important single ingredient in the formula for success is knowing how to get along with people.-Theodore Roosevelt33 minutes ago via TweetDeck

(This is copy-pasted from Twitter while the one below is an example of a screenshot.)

With Twitter’s new feature, which it promises is very simple, tweets can easily be integrated into blog posts and online articles. Great news for journalists! Even better for corporate houses who use social media to connect with their customers. The possibilities are endless for building entire blog posts around your crisp 140-character tweets or embedding catchy tweet-quotes on any other online platform.

Eagerly awaiting the launch announcement! DropCap gives Twitter the thumbs-up for always being relevant to users and for innovating user-friendly features.

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