Integrate your email signature with your social media presence

Saying too much in an email to a client is unpardonable, especially if you are saying too much about yourself. But what do you do if you want to add relevant content about yourself in outgoing mails without being seen as pushy or egotistical?

A friend’s early-morning email was an eye-opener! It featured her one-of-a-kind signature powered by WiseStamp, integrating links to her Blogger, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. What’s more, you can create separate signatures for personal and business use, which means all your friends can still keep receiving your personal blog rather than the updates in your official blog, which might be irrelevant to some of them.

Sumi Thomas
Wordsmith @ DropCap
+91-98461 75588 

Connect here: FacebookLinkedInBloggerTwitter

Signature powered by WiseStamp
My profiles: FacebookLinkedInBloggerTwitter
Signature powered by WiseStamp 

And the installation is simple and hassle-free, requiring zero technical expertise. You can also add an image or a logo to your signature through Flickr or Picasa. WiseStamp FAQs answer nearly every technical query you may have while trying to create a signature of your own. What’s more, the site even gives you ideas on creating an interesting signature! Happy signing, folks!

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