The Importance of Being Nice!

I was delighted to stumble upon an interesting article by entrepreneur guru Geri Stengel, which stressed the importance of being nice to staff and customers alike. DropCap endorses this message because it fits just right into our vision of ourselves as a firm that cares. When I decided to set up the business in a formal manner, one of the first things that came to mind was this very concept, which is so oft-overlooked in today’s hasty world. It seems everybody treats everybody else with the ‘get outta my way’ attitude. And this is not just a one-off incident that happens when you bump into a random grouchy stranger on the street! This sort of negative attitude is an increasingly rampant top management and customer service issue.

When I first started freelancing, I was a tad diffident about my natural ability to engage and empathise with people. I was apprehensive that my mostly-male associates would put down any such activity to ‘feminine wiles’. However, as I grew surer of my abilities, I decided to just be myself, come what may. So I started listening more, paying better attention and hey, presto! I was able to deliver more meaningful answers to clients’ needs. Making a customer happy is not just about providing the right kind of product or service but it’s also about both the intrinsic and outward quality of the service. And I absolutely agree with Geri Stengel’s point that happy customers translate into repeat customers. I have personally refused to go back to service providers who offered great products but lousy customer service.
It does pay to be nice, as DropCap is finding out the good way. It’s a great feeling when your service is appreciated, even better when clients are willing to pay a premium for quality, responsive service despite the plethora of other options available. The importance of being nice is a spin-off from the biblical concept of ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. Value your business? Join the Smile More, Scowl Less movement.

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