Creativity On A Timetable

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Don’t shoot the messenger… I’m just telling it like it is. I meet a lot of writers and creative professionals these days who insist that a schedule kills their creativity. I agree that facing a looming deadline is not the best of times for getting lost in creative La La-land but on the other hand, some of our best stories, captions, headlines et al are born under pressure. Stress need not necessarily be bad.

If you choose to write for a living, some kind of pressure is inevitable. You can push the deadline as far back as you want but at some point, it will be D-day. And it definitely is not fashionable or creative to tell the client you are still ideating! The truth, in all probability, is that you are so intimidated by all the work that even with the best of intentions, you just haven’t started yet!
No matter how you try to convince yourself that your last-minute work is the best, it is not! I am sure every one of you out there can look at content churned out in a hurry and think, “I could have done better!” Now, don’t pull out accusatory fingers and mouth threats because I have been down that lane, done that, made my peace with it and moved on to a better reality. I understand very well that getting the creative juices flowing is not as simple as turning on the tap… see, bad imagery like that is what you get! But seriously, you have to respect your deadlines if you aim to make it as a professional. Burn the midnight oil if you have to but get your work done on time.
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Find your most productive hours and if you are not very disciplined, like me for instance, chalk out a schedule  noting exactly how you will put those hours to good use. A few days of the routine and it will come naturally to you. Also, try not to use those precious hours to check your mail or answer calls or text anyone: these activities are top-creativity killers because they take your mind completely off-track. And I am not even starting on online gaming here! In the age of the smartphone and smart-everything else, this is a difficult task indeed. But experience speaks here: it’s one of the best things you can do to help yourself out of the rut.
Creativity is nurtured by knowledge and discipline. By all means, be spontaneous. But let spontaneity translate into ‘inspiration’ for you and not its other synonym, ‘laxity’.

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