I can do it, but WE do it better!

Entrepreneur. Businesswoman. Something about these terms ooze a sense of confidence, power, intelligence, satisfaction, and as I now know….fun too. I have always been fascinated by people who take the initiative, dare to dream, work towards realising it and most importantly, stay committed to it. May be, part of my ‘awe’ feeling comes from the fact that my father is a businessman himself. From a family that always chose the safer, tried and tested paths (government jobs, teaching or the doctor-engineer degrees), my father chose to step into the risk-ridden, uncertainty-filled, challenging field of business. And more than three decades later, he sure has made us all proud–successful, yet true to his ethics. More recently, when he felt the transparent-frank way of doing business is no longer appreciated or approved, and is a rarity in today’s corporate world, he decided to step down.
This is not a proud daughter showering praise on her dad. This is about the world of business, and its rules…(or lack of it!). Today, am a proud entrepreneur–partner and Chief Editor of DropCap. My decision to join the firm as a partner, and to share responsibility with my friend and founder, Sumi, was received differently by different people. The reactions varied from:
“Wow, awesome girl. Good luck. Am sure you’ll will do well.”
“Hey that’s nice. So hope you don’t have to spend too much money into it.”
“Okay…but what exactly do you do? Will such things find takers here? Anyway, best wishes.”
…….and then there were some who did share my excitement but soon cautioned me about the bad, greedy world of business, and the even more ‘riskier’ step of partnership. In fact, one of our common friends even congratulated us on taking this step in a time and place when most people dread the idea of ‘sharing’.
A lot many people warned me (and am sure my partner too has lend a patient ear to such words of wisdom) that while it may all seem very exciting and super enthusiastic, partnership comes with a ‘beware’ tag! Disputes are bound to crop up, differences are sure to become an everyday thing, relationships may sour, work can get affected…etc..etc…. With due respect to all who’ve shown concern and been thoughtful enough to caution (us) about the whole ‘partnership deed or deal’, let me say we’re hoping to put these worries to rest. We aim to follow and execute the ‘Two heads are better than One’ concept, and so far we have been successful.

– Yes, the key is in being transparent and frank with each other. It is not always easy to think as one mind, but it becomes a lot more easier when the two minds share a friendly bond where one doesn’t need to think a 100 times before saying it as it is. So far this has worked for us: both professionally and personally.
– Belief in self and one another helps a great deal too. ‘I am good, but we are better‘–this concept works.
– Be the boss, but not bossy! Being in charge is important, but allowing others to take charge (of their duties) is equally important too.
– Share a laugh, doing small outings (coffee/lunch or maybe shopping) helps ease the mind, free tensions, share ideas and better the bond. Anything that makes the mind smile, makes the relationship strong.

These are not big words from great minds, but little thoughts from a happy mind, who is enjoying her time at DropCap: the new role, the new friends, the new challenges, the new faces, the new to-do list, the new office, and of course the new ‘”entrepreneur” status!

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