Is it inspiration, or plain scheduling?

Inspiration, or the lack of it, can kill productivity, especially when it comes to blogging. Professional writer and ProBlogger Content Manager Georgina Laidlaw puts it quite succinctly in a blog post, aptly titled Forget ‘Content Production’, Think ‘Idea Exploration’.
Yes, it is difficult to produce creative content, especially in a scheduled manner. However, we at DropCap Media, suffer from a malaise of a different kind altogether! We are so caught up with ideating and creating content for our clients’ blogs and social media profiles that very often, our own blog remains untouched for weeks on end. And sadly, this applies to both our personal as well as our professional blogs. Our Chief Editor, Sreedevi, who blogs at Flavours of Life, has the knack of giving life to the mundane; even everyday happenings are elevated to the extraordinary when she writes about it. I’m sure her followers must be missing her charming, cheeky, funny-sweet posts!

Perhaps the answer is to assign each of our team members with putting up posts on particular days… but it worries me whether that will take the fun out of blogging. And that’s not the way we work at DropCap at all! Have any ideas? Do share…

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