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The ice-breaker post

The cardinal blogging sin: going months between posts! If you are a friend or an acquaintance, I am probably harping on this theme all the while. And if you are in DropCap Media’s client circle, you know by now how meticulously we plan our blogging charts to ensure that blog posts are written, reviewed and updated right on time, every time.

Now, if there’s one place where we have sinned by omission (forgive the pun), it’s in our own blog. ‘Tardy’ shouldn’t have featured in our dictionary and since we don’t like the word we are banning it! Here’s to an all-improved avatar of our blog… three cheers to that!
And what makes me so sure that this time, we are going to be on track? Well, simply put, we are going to utilise our resources. Hey, we are a bunch of writers out here; we definitely can spend some time blogging for ourselves, right? More importantly, we are bringing discipline into the picture: yes, we are going to put our highly-revered blogging charts and trackers into action for our own blog, too. Yes, I know, the simplest ideas are always the best!
Of course, our team has had a re-jig and we now have a great mix of talent on board, which means better blog posts for your reading pleasure.
And before, I sign off, let me give you a lead to two bits of news that has been creating a veritable buzz in the online world: Twitter’s likely new photo-sharing feature and Gmail’s people widget. What’s your take on these?

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Is it inspiration, or plain scheduling?

Inspiration, or the lack of it, can kill productivity, especially when it comes to blogging. Professional writer and ProBlogger Content Manager Georgina Laidlaw puts it quite succinctly in a blog post, aptly titled Forget ‘Content Production’, Think ‘Idea Exploration’.
Yes, it is difficult to produce creative content, especially in a scheduled manner. However, we at DropCap Media, suffer from a malaise of a different kind altogether! We are so caught up with ideating and creating content for our clients’ blogs and social media profiles that very often, our own blog remains untouched for weeks on end. And sadly, this applies to both our personal as well as our professional blogs. Our Chief Editor, Sreedevi, who blogs at Flavours of Life, has the knack of giving life to the mundane; even everyday happenings are elevated to the extraordinary when she writes about it. I’m sure her followers must be missing her charming, cheeky, funny-sweet posts!

Perhaps the answer is to assign each of our team members with putting up posts on particular days… but it worries me whether that will take the fun out of blogging. And that’s not the way we work at DropCap at all! Have any ideas? Do share…

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Social media ROI: Quantifying the near-intangible


Came across a very interesting blog post on catching the ‘ROI leprechaun': return on investment needs to be evaluated correctly in social media. It is easy to be carried away by the hype over peripherals; what companies need to look at is whether they are getting genuine value for their efforts. It is a matter a quality over quantity, as the post points out: count your ‘valid followers’ who engage with you on social media rather than the entire lot of followers.

More tips here: Smartblogs

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Twitter’s upcoming embeddable tweet feature is hot!

This surely is exciting news from the Twitter fold. Twitter’s media blog reveals that it is launching a great new feature by which you can embed tweet-quotes into blog posts. Earlier, journalists and bloggers worked around this issue by copy-pasting or taking a screenshot of the relevant tweet. Like this, for instance.


RT @krupali: The most important single ingredient in the formula for success is knowing how to get along with people.-Theodore Roosevelt33 minutes ago via TweetDeck

(This is copy-pasted from Twitter while the one below is an example of a screenshot.)

With Twitter’s new feature, which it promises is very simple, tweets can easily be integrated into blog posts and online articles. Great news for journalists! Even better for corporate houses who use social media to connect with their customers. The possibilities are endless for building entire blog posts around your crisp 140-character tweets or embedding catchy tweet-quotes on any other online platform.

Eagerly awaiting the launch announcement! DropCap gives Twitter the thumbs-up for always being relevant to users and for innovating user-friendly features.

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