And…. we’re back!

Yes, it’s been nearly a year since our website has been down for revamping. Now it’s bright and shiny-new and tells you how we can help you use content to build and promote your brand.

In this past year, the world around us has changed by leaps and bounds, spurred on by giant strides in science and technology. We are now on the precipice of Internet for everyone, wearable technology is part of everyday fashion for many and Yahoo!, which reinvented itself under CEO Marissa Mayer, is thriving with its renewed focus on content. Which brings us to the importance of using the right content and the appropriate content platforms for your brand, whether you are looking at brand-building, marketing or building yourself as a thought leader in your space.

Over the coming weeks, we will bring you news and updates from the sectors of social media, PR, writing and more. And yes, also news from our wonderful home city, Kochi, and once in a while, interesting stuff that catch our eye.  So happy to be greeting all our readers once again, and look forward to meeting new audiences.

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Businesspeople Reading Pamphlet

Do’s & Don’ts of a Good Newsletter

For your business to be successful, it is extremely important to keep yourself on top of your client’s mind. A carefully crafted, well-timed and well-targeted newsletter can make your job easier. However, there is always a big debate on whether newsletters are effective or not. Newsletters work, no doubt; but only if they are done professionally. A newsletter put together shoddily, with no serious thought into its content or design, can backfire, doing more harm than good.
Image courtesy: Corbis
A good newsletter can secure the loyalty of existing customers and keep them updated about the full range of products and services you offer. It can also generate interest in new customers, besides reaching out to investors and other businesses, helping you build a wide and fruitful business network. Newsletters also make it easier for your existing customers to pass referrals to their friends who are likely to be interested in the products and services you offer.

Whether it is an online newsletter or a printed one, you should always follow a formula to keep them interesting for the target audience. Is there really any “news” to pass on to your customers via the newsletter? Unlike a brochure, which is intended to spread general info regarding a company, a newsletter is about news – something new and exciting that has happened in your business. You can even carry industry-specific information that could be of use to your readers.

Of course, a newsletter does give you the chance to sneak in an ad; but the idea is to do this without losing your audience and by talking about something they care about. Some important points to be remembered while creating a newsletter are:
  • Always send your newsletter to a well-thought out target customer group.
  • Get it done perfectly and professionally. Give it an expert touch. A professionally designed newsletter can instantly appeal to the reader’s aesthetic sense.
  • Keep them short, comprehensive and interesting.
  • Give your customer respect; build integrity.
The content of your newsletter should be eye catching, simple and to the point. Write short pieces that are informative and relevant for the customer. You do not have to be on a sales pitch all the time.
When done professionally, newsletters can convey your message and generate an impact for your business and achieve customer interest.

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A laptop computer with many speech bubbles containing different symbols

The ice-breaker post

The cardinal blogging sin: going months between posts! If you are a friend or an acquaintance, I am probably harping on this theme all the while. And if you are in DropCap Media’s client circle, you know by now how meticulously we plan our blogging charts to ensure that blog posts are written, reviewed and updated right on time, every time.

Now, if there’s one place where we have sinned by omission (forgive the pun), it’s in our own blog. ‘Tardy’ shouldn’t have featured in our dictionary and since we don’t like the word we are banning it! Here’s to an all-improved avatar of our blog… three cheers to that!
And what makes me so sure that this time, we are going to be on track? Well, simply put, we are going to utilise our resources. Hey, we are a bunch of writers out here; we definitely can spend some time blogging for ourselves, right? More importantly, we are bringing discipline into the picture: yes, we are going to put our highly-revered blogging charts and trackers into action for our own blog, too. Yes, I know, the simplest ideas are always the best!
Of course, our team has had a re-jig and we now have a great mix of talent on board, which means better blog posts for your reading pleasure.
And before, I sign off, let me give you a lead to two bits of news that has been creating a veritable buzz in the online world: Twitter’s likely new photo-sharing feature and Gmail’s people widget. What’s your take on these?

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Lit candle,cupcake for first birthday celebration

Whoa… it’s nearly a year!

Nearly there, nearly there, I think to myself as I sit before the laptop; and that applies both to the increased frequency of blogging I am charting out for our official account as well as the upcoming FIRST birthday of our start-up. See, I am already beaming as I write this!

Image courtesy: Corbis Images

Thinking of all the ways in which we are to mark the anniversary, which is, of course, a major milestone for us in more ways than one. DropCap Media has evolved in so many ways, from our fledgling–sometimes sure, sometimes quavering but never faltering–steps we took in April 2010. Wow! So much seems to have changed in a year, from the time I sat in my living room on a Sunday afternoon mulling on names that ranged from exciting-but-irrelevant to plain uninspired. A few months after the launch, DropCap went from being a proprietorship to a partnership with Sreedevi, and there’s been no looking back since.

We have gone from strength to strength, learning from our mistakes and mis-steps, doing things we have never done before (like marketing, presentations, accounting, and so much more) and getting better at the stuff we were good at. We are happy to have our clients keep coming back to us, and all those who have stood by us even when we were starting out need special mention here.

As a lot of our work is focused on an industry that is changing by the day–social media–we have had to be on our toes to keep ourselves updated and to keep innovating. Glad to say that after months of app-related heartbreak, we have been able to tie up with excellent third-party vendors for technical support.  So watch out for some exciting features on our clients’ FB, YouTube and other social media spaces!

I know it’s gonna sound Oscar-ish, or even worse Miss World-ish, but I just have to thank all the people who have given us unstinting support from the word ‘go’. Our families, of course, will find a mention when we do our respective personal blogs; the curious can find my personal world here and Sree’s here. This is for the rest of the gang out there, including our two team-mates Vidya and Anuroop (for laughing with us, hearing our rants, for doing everything that needs doing, and of course, for being there), our team of fabulous writers (hats off to each one of you for pitching in with your best every time, on time), our design partners (especially Anoop, who takes time off for from his lovely caricature works for us), my mentor Jacob who torments us with mock threats of acquisition and of course, Sree reminds me, a special mention for all the coffee shops in and around Panampilly Nagar–our preferred venues for client meets, discussions (of the intellectual kind and otherwise too), and some much-needed venting. 

Phew! That was some list, and I can still add to it, but I am not going to! Leaving you with some good news: DropCap Media is moving to a bigger, better space in April; in fact, we will be celebrating our anniversary there (putting all my faith in the carpenters working there as I write this).

Do you have any ideas as to how we should mark our first birthday? Do leave a comment here, or mail us at

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Creativity On A Timetable


Don’t shoot the messenger… I’m just telling it like it is. I meet a lot of writers and creative professionals these days who insist that a schedule kills their creativity. I agree that facing a looming deadline is not the best of times for getting lost in creative La La-land but on the other hand, some of our best stories, captions, headlines et al are born under pressure. Stress need not necessarily be bad.

If you choose to write for a living, some kind of pressure is inevitable. You can push the deadline as far back as you want but at some point, it will be D-day. And it definitely is not fashionable or creative to tell the client you are still ideating! The truth, in all probability, is that you are so intimidated by all the work that even with the best of intentions, you just haven’t started yet!
No matter how you try to convince yourself that your last-minute work is the best, it is not! I am sure every one of you out there can look at content churned out in a hurry and think, “I could have done better!” Now, don’t pull out accusatory fingers and mouth threats because I have been down that lane, done that, made my peace with it and moved on to a better reality. I understand very well that getting the creative juices flowing is not as simple as turning on the tap… see, bad imagery like that is what you get! But seriously, you have to respect your deadlines if you aim to make it as a professional. Burn the midnight oil if you have to but get your work done on time.
Find your most productive hours and if you are not very disciplined, like me for instance, chalk out a schedule  noting exactly how you will put those hours to good use. A few days of the routine and it will come naturally to you. Also, try not to use those precious hours to check your mail or answer calls or text anyone: these activities are top-creativity killers because they take your mind completely off-track. And I am not even starting on online gaming here! In the age of the smartphone and smart-everything else, this is a difficult task indeed. But experience speaks here: it’s one of the best things you can do to help yourself out of the rut.
Creativity is nurtured by knowledge and discipline. By all means, be spontaneous. But let spontaneity translate into ‘inspiration’ for you and not its other synonym, ‘laxity’.

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