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Do’s & Don’ts of a Good Newsletter

For your business to be successful, it is extremely important to keep yourself on top of your client’s mind. A carefully crafted, well-timed and well-targeted newsletter can make your job easier. However, there is always a big debate on whether newsletters are effective or not. Newsletters work, no doubt; but only if they are done professionally. A newsletter put together shoddily, with no serious thought into its content or design, can backfire, doing more harm than good.
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A good newsletter can secure the loyalty of existing customers and keep them updated about the full range of products and services you offer. It can also generate interest in new customers, besides reaching out to investors and other businesses, helping you build a wide and fruitful business network. Newsletters also make it easier for your existing customers to pass referrals to their friends who are likely to be interested in the products and services you offer.

Whether it is an online newsletter or a printed one, you should always follow a formula to keep them interesting for the target audience. Is there really any “news” to pass on to your customers via the newsletter? Unlike a brochure, which is intended to spread general info regarding a company, a newsletter is about news – something new and exciting that has happened in your business. You can even carry industry-specific information that could be of use to your readers.

Of course, a newsletter does give you the chance to sneak in an ad; but the idea is to do this without losing your audience and by talking about something they care about. Some important points to be remembered while creating a newsletter are:
  • Always send your newsletter to a well-thought out target customer group.
  • Get it done perfectly and professionally. Give it an expert touch. A professionally designed newsletter can instantly appeal to the reader’s aesthetic sense.
  • Keep them short, comprehensive and interesting.
  • Give your customer respect; build integrity.
The content of your newsletter should be eye catching, simple and to the point. Write short pieces that are informative and relevant for the customer. You do not have to be on a sales pitch all the time.
When done professionally, newsletters can convey your message and generate an impact for your business and achieve customer interest.

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