Have you watched these trending videos yet?

What engrosses most of our time on social media? Browsing our friends’ (and their friends’) pictures apart, Indians are apparently spending a whole lot of time watching online videos. A comScore report says that 55% of the Indian web-surfing populace view videos every single day! Global online video ad spending is expected to surpass $10 billion by 2015. India is in the top three video-consuming markets in the world and that video is clearly one of the biggest growth drivers of the Internet on mobile, says C V L Srinivas, CEO of media-buying agency GroupM, in an interview with Mint.

It’s heartening to note that a lot of positive video content is now available to Indian viewers. Let’s hope social change will arrive on a viral video view.

Here are the videos we are loving this week. (Yes we know, there’s an ad in the list, but you’ve gotta admit it, the treatment is great!)

  • Vikas Bahl, the director who gave us the rocking Queen, brings a new perspective to women’s safety issues with this video titled Going Home. The video features the smashing, spunky Alia Bhatt, who has been making some remarkable career choices of late. If you haven’t seen her in the AIB Genius of The Year video yet, please do check it out.

  • Then there’s the new Pepsi ad, which goes with the hashtag #GharWaliDiwali. It resonates with the viewer because surely, each of us has been too busy to ring up our parents, right? We wouldn’t want to admit it, but we believe a lot of us reached for the phone after watching this video.

  • You may have your opinions about Arnab Goswami, but there’s no denying the charm of ‘Barely Speaking with Arnub’ (note the ‘u’), which describes itself as a talk show featuring a host with a bad attitude. That Shah Rukh Khan so sportingly (and charmingly) came on the show, and laughed at himself is what makes this video a must-watch!

  • This one has been doing the rounds on Facebook and Whatsapp, but you can watch it again and really feel proud of the country, and its achievements. Makes you want to improve, to pitch in, to innovate. Get inspired!

Happy viewing!

Tell us which of these videos you liked the best! Or do you feel some other video should have made it to the list? Comment, and let us know.

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We like being in this niche: call us exclusive!

One of the nuggets of wisdom that I have received over the years is about how DropCap Media needs to get into offering more and more services, and not just focus on delivering great content and planning effective social media solutions. There have been helpful indications about the kind of stuff we can get into, search engine optimisation, for instance. My partner, Sreedevi, and I have always fervently maintained the opposite: that we need to work within the scope of what we excel at. This does not, as often argued, limit our potential to learn and grow because we are always on the learning curve.

No project that we undertake, whether it is crafting a trade journal or managing social media profiles for clients in industries as varied as bespoke fashion and education, would turn out as well as it does if it were not for our commitment to learning and the constant push to innovate. We believe that focusing on our niche has given us the ability to further hone our skills to perfection, expand our knowledge and expertise in writing, blogging and social media, and related industries. Of course, at times just writing and strategising isn’t enough; sometimes our clients are so happy with our work that they often entrust a whole package to us, with elements of design and technology that we are yet to become experts at.

While our team has learnt the basic skills needed to handle such projects, we have tied up with reliable experts in the fields of design, web and app development, and printing to ensure that we only deliver the best. Here too, inevitably, we learn a lot through interactions with our technical partners, and our work as well as our expertise benefits immensely from these interactions. Now, going through this article on LinkedIn Pulse by LinkedIn Influencer Tim Williams, we feel vindicated. Williams’s post title, Your Firm Is Defined By the Clients and Services You Don’t Have, is intriguing and the article goes on to suggest and elaborate through examples that being the best in your niche, and creating and selling a specialised service that is right for a particular kind of customer does more for a professional services firm than to pander (often wildly) to everybody’s tastes and dilute the nature of your services.

In his opening lines, Williams says “What makes a great restaurant? The things that are not on the menu. The world’s most mediocre restaurants famously have virtually everything on their menus, making them average at everything and excellent at nothing.” He also elaborates on the power of ‘no': “In professional services, this translates to deciding which services not to offer. It means deciding which categories you won’t represent and which prospects you won’t chase. No firm is too far down the diversification path to mend its ways.” He suggests that each firm ask itself two questions:

1. If we offered only one type of service, what would it be?

2. If we served only one type of client, what would it be?

The idea is not to narrow down the focus to a “single client or service. Rather it’s to help you think through what you’re really good at and most passionate about. The answer isn’t as obvious as it seems. For a fast food restaurant, their “one thing” was not hamburgers but rather French fries.”

Aha… let’s all find our French fries!

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Socialising more online… does the news really surprise us?


By Sumi Thomas, Wordsmith at DropCap Media

Logging in to work early today, one of the other tabs I inevitably have open on my Google Chrome browser window includes Facebook. And then my Mashable email round-up of tech news brings me this stunner graphic, revealing the Internet habits of Americans. Apparently, Americans spend 18% of their online time on social media, mostly on Facebook (but of course!).

So, are Indians any different? I doubt it… if you look at my average Net usage, at any given point of time, I always have a social media site open on a tab. Of course, most of the time it is for work, and sometimes it’s for the entertainment of my six-month-old who is hooked to Psy’s Gangnam Style (sigh!). Still, I am sure even on a personal note, I am a social media junkie, probably averaging many more hours than the Americans’ monthly 6.5 hours on Facebook.

What I found really interesting in this graphic is that time spent socialising for real and ‘taking care of household members’ has taken a hit by more than 2 hours in total. Which means we would rather put our efforts into virtual relationships, which are easier to maintain (all you need is a Like button), than nurture real-life ties. Admittedly, real life can turn out to be a pain at times, with no easy options to Like, Comment, Share or even Unfriend. Real life is messy, because often things boil down to face-to-face talks and eye-to-eye confrontations. But conversely, doesn’t that make real life more fun as well? You tell us.

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Experiencing DropCap

“If you want to make God laugh, just tell him your future plans!”

I’ve always believed in the above saying. Things happen in life as if its all directed and produced by someone above. Never sure on what has been planned, we move on making our own plans, dreaming of fulfilling our desires.

Such was my situation when I was on my way back home successfully completing my studies. I was at a complete loss on which road to travel next. Confused and perplexed on where to take my first job. That’s when I got a call asking me if I was interested to work as a content writer for DropCap in Cochin. A bit hesitant and doubtful (that’s my usual self on anything new), I decided to take it on and see what is in store.

Just a few days into work and I can confidently say that I am really enjoying what I do. ‘WRE’ – that’s how I would describe my job. Writing on topics, Researching to gain knowledge about topics and Editing a copy would be a wide classification of what has to be done.

It took some time for me to understand on who our clients are and what exactly we do for them. Also Sumi mam is just a wonderful person to be with. Warm and friendly, with a pleasant smile, makes me comfortable and feel at home. She patiently enlightens me on what has to be done for the day and various other proceedings with the clients.

Eagerly waiting for the day we would take over our new office space and gradually grow to great heights. I wholly agree with Shakespeare that all of us are mere actors who perform our roles. And I hope that I would be able to explore, learn more and perform my role for DropCap to my best extent.

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Earning Social Currency

Five Steps for Consumer Brands to Earn Social Currency | Fast Company

Gaining social currency is a theme that DropCap promotes. And as this survey clearly shows, social media is not just about getting a lot of followers nor is social media a viable marketing tool for every corporate house. Your social connect emerges from the kind of business you are and the kind of customers you want. As in every other sphere of business, ultimately it is about engaging the customer in a meaningful manner rather than whiling away time with trivia. Because, as is seen in this graphics (check out the link), substance is what matters!

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